April 28 / 2020
How has Covid19 impacted JKR's financials? Is the Matching Donations campaign still active?

JKR Financial and "Light the Match" Campaign Update

Because of you, the JKR community, we are resilient and we are stable. Camp will not close forever.

We will be here to host camp ministry as soon as it is safe to do so.

However, we, like so many others, have taken a financial hit from Covid19. Before summer began, I estimated that our Covid related loss of income was $184,000.

Now, after gearing up for summer and cancelling, that number is closer to $414,000. Any donation helps offset that loss of income.
Good News! The "Light the Match" Campaign is still on!
All donations will be matched through the end of Dec 2020. We know that some in the JKR community are struggling financially right now. If that is true for you, we are not asking you to donate. We also know that there is a portion of you who are feeling grateful for continued employment and are looking for a way to give back. Our "Light the Match" campaign is a great way to do that.
"Light the Match" All Donations Doubled
"Light the Match" Update!
We have raised $361,745 so far toward our goal of $400,000. We are so grateful for all the individuals, churches, and foundations who have contributed. Thank you! Once we fill this match and reach the goal of $400,000 we will be lighting this match in celebration.

"LIGHT THE MATCH: A Campaign for Significant Growth"
Ignited by a pledge from a former JKR camper to match all donations through Dec 2020 up to $400,000.

JKR is resilient. We are strong because of our community. We believe in abundance over scarcity. John Knox Ranch will be here to welcome you when the time is right.