Summer Camp

Mini Resident Camp

Same great program only shorter! 4 day spend the night camp for children entering 2nd - 5th grade
At John Knox Ranch, we foster experiences of Christian community in the beauty of God's creation. JKR is a place where love, acceptance, grace, and FUN flow freely.

Mini Camp is our 4 day, 3 night resident camp program, perfect for a first or second time camper.

Attending camp at JKR helps children and youth develop social and interpersonal skills, a sense of self, and an understanding of our place in and responsibility for this pretty planet. JKR is a place where all are welcome; where identity is formed through self-awareness and service, where differences are celebrated; where children grow into counselors, counselors become leaders, and leaders bring patience, inclusion, and excellent servant leadership to their own professions and communities.
Rising 2nd - 5th grade

Campers are grouped by age, usually in clusters of six to ten. Resident Camp counselor staff are college age young adults.
Food is part of our program! We are proud to serve homemade, delicious food at every meal. Your camper is going to ask you to cook our recipes once they get home.

We provide snacks and deserts as well. Please do not send or mail candy or food of any kind. Food in the cabins attracts ants and other critters.
Ropes challenge course, disc golf, hiking, Bible stories, arts & crafts, canoeing, fishing, swimming, archery, tie-dyeing, rock climbing, rappelling, and more!
What to Bring
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing Suit
  • River shoes
  • Clothes for your stay
  • This is a time to disconnect. Please do not send phones or any electronics.
  • When you register, we will send you a complete suggested packing list.
Wait List
Registration is open until camps are full. When camps fill up, we do offer a waiting list. Please contact us to inquire if a camp session you are interested in is full.

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Swim Checks
On the first day of camp, we do a "swim check" for each camper to assess his/her ability and comfort in the water. If campers aren't yet comfortable or strong enough to swim, we require that they wear a life-jacket. All campers wear life-jackets when canoeing and certified lifeguards are always present and on duty for all water activities.
Financial assistance is available. Together with our donors we are committed to making sure that financial challenges will never be the reason a child can't attend camp. The scholarship application can be found in the registration portal.
Frequently Asked Questions
Have additional questions or a special request?
Please visit the Contact page.
What are the age ranges of campers?
Your child's camp session is determines by the grade they will be going into in the fall. Campers are housed with others of similar age.
Are we able to request a roommate?
Yes! When you register your camper, you may make housing requests. We do everything we can to honor your requests, but some restrictions apply: we do not house different genders together, and if the age range between campers is too great (e.g. a 5th grader and an 8th grader), we cannot honor the request.

Sending syblings to camp? We recommend not having them in the same cabin. This allows them some space to have their own experiences. They will see each other plenty at meal times and evening activities.
What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in is 4 pm on the first day of the session and check-out is 10 am on the last day of the session. For one-week and two-week sessions, campers arrive Sunday afternoon at 4 pm and depart Saturday morning at 10 am
Are there scholarships available?
Yes! Financial assistance is available, depending on need. We do not want money to be the reason that keeps a child from experiencing summer camp at John Knox Ranch! Campers must register and pay the required deposit, then complete a scholarship request form (available through the registration portal or by calling our office).
Where will my child sleep?
Resident campers live in rustic screened cabins with a trained counselor and 5–7 other campers in their age group. Two cabins make up a family unit that participates in activities together: swimming, archery, rappelling, rock climbing, arts and crafts, nature discovery, ropes challenge course, Bible study and spiritual formation, canoeing, sharing homemade family-style meals, and more. The family unit structure (called small group camping) is an important foundation of our summer camp program. Negotiating the selection of the daily activities, asking someone to "please pass the green beans," and cleaning the cabin with your bunkmates all help teach campers how to live in community together and help them develop confidence, independence, and self-esteem.

We also have cabins with AC and bathrooms that we call the "duplex cabins". These cabins are usually reserved for the youngest campers in any session.
What about the food? Are you able to handle dietary restrictions?
We serve homemade, delicious food at every meal, and a snack each afternoon! Because community is important to camp life, meals are served "family style," with each family unit of cabins eating together. Our kitchen staff is able to handle just about any type of dietary preference, from vegetarian to vegan to allergy-related needs. There is a place to describe any food restrictions in the registration portal. If you have special concerns, we will visit with you in advance of your child coming to camp to make sure we understand what he or she needs.

We are very proud of the food we serve and love to get feedback like the below from a camp parent. "Our camper is a very picky eater and she said all the food at camp was delicious! Her eating was one thing I was really worried about, but now that she's home she's even more open to variety in our food!"
What if my child gets sick or needs to take medicine?
We have a designated camp health care provider on site who is trained in first aid, and who handles all camp illnesses, injuries, and medicines. He or she is in contact with a local physician, and makes sure that campers get the medical care they need. We will call you if your child is ill, and keep you updated on their condition (including if they are sick enough not to be at camp).
Who are your counselors?
Counselors and camp staff are young adults who have graduated high school or are currently in college; in many cases, they are former campers who have grown up at JKR. They spend 10 days in summer staff training with us, and are certified as professional rescuers in Red Cross first aid, CPR, AED, and lifeguard training.
Is it okay to come visit my child?
We know that you will most likely miss your child while they are away at camp. However, visits from family are discouraged. Any time a visitor shows up, it upsets the group dynamics of the cabin, and interrupts whatever activity the campers may be enjoying at the time. If you are worried about your child, you may call the camp office, and we will visit with you about your child's situation and check on them for you. Please know that we will call you if there ever is a problem with your camper!
What about mail? May I send a care package?
Yes! Campers love good, old-fashioned snail mail! We ask that you do not send food of any kind, as open food in cabins attracts ants and other critters.

You may also send e-mail that will be delivered to your camper. Instructions about sending mail and accessing e-mail will be given to you at check-in on the first day of camp.
May I leave mail/packages for my child?
Yes. If you want to leave letters and/or cards for your camper to receive each day, we are happy to hold those for you. We will distribute them to your camper each day, or as you direct. We ask that you do not include food of any kind, as open food in cabins attracts ants and other critters. Please bring these letters/cards/packages to registration on the first day of camp and label them accordingly.
What about safety?
We know that your child is precious to you; they are to us as well! Thus, everything we do at camp is done with "safety first" in mind. John Knox Ranch enjoys a good relationship with both the Wimberley and Canyon Lake Fire & EMS services, so we are covered in the event that we need emergency attention. We are also accredited by the American Camp Association, which requires that camps have safety and security measures in place at every level.
When does registration close?
Registration is open until camps are full. When camps fill up, we do offer a waiting list. Please contact us to inquire if a camp session you are interested in is full.

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How much of a role does religion play at camp?
We are part of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA). You can learn more about the beliefs of the PCUSA here ( At camp, we believe that God is love. We strive to meet campers where they are, provide a safe space of love and acceptance. We have a scripture theme each summer and each cabin unit participates in a 45 min chaplain time each day led by an ordained PCUSA pastor or Christian educator. Chaplain time is centered on questioning and group discussion. It is not a time of Bible memorization or telling campers what to believe. At the end of the week we have a worship service in our beautiful outdoor chapel. Just like all of our programs and activities, we invite campers to participate but we don't force them to. While we are a Presbyterian Summer Camp, we welcome campers of all faiths and no faiths to come to camp.