Summer Camp

Colorado Adventure Backpacking Trip

Are you ready to be challenged in a way you never have? Backpacking is an incredible experience that gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself and grow in your relationship with God on the trail. Backpacking guides will teach you all the skills a person needs for the trail. Then we'll spend four days and three nights backpacking through the Indian Peaks Wilderness in Colorado. Step out of your comfort zone into a land of possibilities!

Open to Rising 9th – 12th graders. $1,050 includes airfare. Scholarships Available!! We have scholarship funds specifically for this trip. If you are interested in attending and need scholarship support, please apply through the registration portal or call us in the office (830) 935 4568.
Rising 9th - 12th grade

JKR staff and trained backpacking guides lead the hikers.
Backpacking guides will teach campers how to make their own food on camping stoves while on the trail.
  • Team building games
  • Bible stories
  • Hiking
  • Enjoying cooler weather than TX
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Gazing at beautiful vistas
  • More hiking
What to Bring
  • All backpacking gear: backpack, tent, stove, etc will be provided!
  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking Boots
  • Clothes for your stay
  • This is a time to disconnect. Please do not send phones or any electronics.
  • When you register, we will send you a complete suggested packing list.
Wait List
Registration is open until camps are full. When camps fill up, we do offer a waiting list. Please contact us to inquire if a camp session you are interested in is full.

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Financial assistance is available. Together with our donors we are committed to making sure that financial challenges will never be the reason a child can't attend camp. The scholarship application can be found in the registration portal.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Have additional questions or a special request?
Please visit the Contact page.
What are the age ranges of campers?
Your child's camp session is determines by the grade they will be going into in the fall. Campers must be entering High School in order to attend the backpacking trip to CO.
What time is check-in and check-out?
For the backpacking trip, the campers will check in and meet camp staff at the airport. All details will be communicated once confirmed after registration.
Are there scholarships available?
Yes! Financial assistance is available, depending on need. We do not want money to be the reason that keeps a child from experiencing summer camp at John Knox Ranch! Campers must register and pay the required deposit, then complete a scholarship request form (available through the registration portal or by calling our office).
Who are the backpacking guides?
The Backpack Adventure Camp is held in partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, who will be leading our trip out of their camp in Duncan Park, CO (21 miles west of Boulder). For more information about Duncan Park, please visit their website and links at

The group will be on the trail for four days and three nights, led by backpacking guides from Duncan Park. During the trip, your child will participate in daily spiritual growth activities led by John Knox Ranch staff. We plan to have an awesome time focusing on nature, God, and one another in a beautiful setting!

Where will my child sleep?
Backpacking is intense! Campers sleep in tents.
Does my child need to get a physical before the trip?
Yes, backpacking is a strenous activity. Each camper must complete a physical with a doctors signature to ensure they are healthy enough for backpacking.
What backpacking gear do we need??
Bring your own broken-in pair of hiking boots. The Duncan Park camp staff will provide for all our camping gear and everything we need on the trail, so there's no need to worry about sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, etc. Once you register you will receive a full packing list of suggested items.
What about health and safety? What if my child needs medication?
Your child's health and safety are of paramount importance to us. Summer staff members are selected for their maturity, leadership, and faith. All summer staff members attend a ten-day training session at the beginning of the summer in order to thoroughly prepare for the arrival of your child. All water activities are supervised by certified lifeguards. A designated health care provider will be on the trip to distribute medications from home and to administer first aid if the need arises. State law requires that all medications must be in their original container in order for us to distribute them.

There is no need to send Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, or other over-the-counter drugs to camp. Our infirmary and first aid kits are stocked with these items and can be administered to your child as needed based on the permission you give us on their signed participation. State law does not allow campers to keep any type of drug (except inhalers and Epi-pins) with them.

How do I contact my child in an emergency?
We will provide an itinerary of the trip to you at registration, so you can know where the group is at all times. If you need information about your child while he/she is in Colorado, please call the JKR Main Office (830-935-3568). We will contact the trip leaders and put you in touch with them at the earliest possible opportunity. While we will be in contact with the Duncan Park camp staff, you will not be able to communicate with you camper while they are out on the trail.
When does registration close?
Registration is open until camps are full. When camps fill up, we do offer a waiting list. Please contact us to inquire if a camp session you are interested in is full.

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